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Salty Cats of St. Andrews Rescue

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We Have Exciting Mews!

 Visit Exciting Mews Page!

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The Salty Cats Cafe Is Open!! 

Come visit us at
1732 Bayview Avenue
Panama City, FL 32405

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A Kittie

Yes we have kittens but we also have a lot of teenagers and adults looking for their furever homes. We unfortunately CAN NOT take in anymore at this time. We would love to be able to help everyone but unfortunately we must put a cap on the intake so we do not put the babies we have in our care at risk. 


Click the links below to learn more about our adoption process and see a few of our kitties' stories. 


Reducing the suffering and over population of feral and abandoned cats by providing shelter, care, vet and adoption services.

Wildfire Update

Our neighbors homes, our house and the Cattery were spared from the fire. 

The 84 cats are safe and have been staying at the Dotson Home in Fountain

Tuesday the evacuation order was lifted and we were able to return home

Wednesday and Thursday removed smoke and fire damaged items near the Cattery. Cleaned and painted the Cattery and cottage

Kitties are home!


We need items on our Amazon Wishlist, Gift Cards for local pet supply stores, and/or Tractor Supply

You can read more about our journey by clicking the link below

or by connecting with us on Facebook

"It’s a miracle over 80 cats make it out of wildfire safely”


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Get Involved

All of the ways that you can help a Salty Cat 

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